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Welcome to the world of AQUATIC Trainer Swim Spas - a backyard of health, fitness and fun. The Aquatic line is more than a swim trainer, it is a complete therapeutic experience, a place to enjoy family and friends or simply a place to unwind and relax. there are various sizes and models to fit your needs...

The Aquatic X14 - Shown

The River Jets of the Aquactic X14 produces a stream of water much like Mother nature provides in the constant movement of a river current. There is also a vertical massage position that focuses on easing the tensions of your lower back, thighs and calves…

From novice to professional, the Aquatic swim spas are great for different types of aquatic exercise and training all for just a little extra.


A Backyard Sanctuary

The Aquatic Trainer


Aquatica trainers are built to the highest quality standards. Manufactured of Lucite acrylic, backed with a composite fiberglass reinforced sub structure, supported by a welded 16 gauge steel frame, Aquatic trainers are built to last.

There are two reclining buckets seats with specialized stainless steel jets that will stimulate the muscle groups of your neck and back, and dream away in our relaxing lounge chair, and a relaxing lounger.

Dual Zone 18ft